Sorry, We currently have no used bikes for sale.

With the current discounting on bicycles from our main brands  – Raleigh and Lappiere – it’s impossible to continue stocking used Dutch bikes. For example, we are currently selling new Raleigh Willow which is a lovely upright Dutch Style bike for only £349.  High quality Lappiere Trekking bikes are now available for only £399, it doesn’t make financial sense for us to continue importing used Dutch bikes, or buying used Dutch bikes from private sellers in the UK.

Our philosophy has always to be to only sell quality used Dutch bikes. This service comes at a cost. Impossible to justify these costs and the final price we need to charge, when our main brands are now available at some amazingly low prices.

Therefore, we are saying a fond farewell to this side of our business for the forseeable future as we concentrate on the other more popular and successful areas of our business – sale and servicing of ebikes and non-ebikes.

We do however, intend to continue selling used bicycles, not necessarily Dutch bikes.  When available these bicycles will be advertised on this section of our website.