We sell Quality Used Dutch Bikes

Current stock of Used Dutch bikes are listed below.  These are ‘used’ Dutch bikes, and accordingly will have marks/scratches etc  associated with wear and usage. We recommend you coming to see the bike you’re interested in purchasing, and satisfying yourself as to the condition. You’re welcome to take the bike you’re interested in for a short test ride.

All prices shown include: VAT (regrettably, HMRC requires us to pay for VAT on used bikes) Customs fees  (Dutch and UK) for importing these bikes and transportation from the Netherlands. 

Every bike undergoes a thorough safety check including making adjustments where necessary. Defective/poor rear lights have been replaced with new and likewise with saddles and other non-serviceable parts. This work is carried out in our specialist workshop. In addition, unserviceable items are replaced as required. Each bike is therefore ready to ride away for its new owner.

Bike Specifications – Unless otherwise noted, all of our Dutch bikes come with mudguards, side stand, rear rack, either fully enclosed or partially enclosed chain cases. lights, and integral frame lock and all give an upright, comfy ride. Gears vary between hub gears – 3/7 or 8 speeds. Or, derailleur gears, which are external gears. Each model description indicates what type of gears will have – 3/7/8 are hub gears unless otherwise indicated.

Delivery of your Dutch Bike – We a offer free delivery service for our local area: Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Felpham, Arundel, Chichester, Worthing, Goring, Rustington, Storrington. We can also deliver to areas up to 50 miles of our shop (BN17 6BP), please ask for a delivery quote. All bikes delivered fully assembled by us and ready to ride.

Mail Order – We regret that we do not offer a Mail Order service for these bikes. Neither are we now prepared to faciliate customers in using a shipping/courier company.  Best and easiest way to buy  your new Dutch bike is to visit the shop, test ride, see which (if any) bike is best for you and then take it home with you. We offer a free delivery service for those living in our local area.

Bike Sizes/Frame Sizes – These are provided in the title description in cms.

Rough Guide to Choosing a frame size –

You will need to know your inner leg measurement when choosing a frame size.

As a rough guide –

48cm frame size – you’ll need a minimum inside leg measurement of 29″.

53cm” – you’ll need a minimum inside leg measurement of 31″

57″ and above – you’ll need a minimum inside leg measurement of 32″.

Given the size of the bikes and the relatively long saddle posts/handelbar stems, a person with 32″ leg measurement can comfortably ride a 48cm frame size and 53cm.

Small Dutch bikes – Occasionally we do get used small Dutch bikes in stock. These are indicated with “small bike” on the title description.

We’re happy to discuss frame sizes or any questions you may have, so please give us a call/email.

Any questions – Call us on 01903 730089.

Test Rides – You’re welcome to test ride the bike or bikes, you’re interested in purchasing. Deposit/proof of ID will be required and you MUST bring your own helmet if you want to test ride with a helmet. Please note – you are not insured by us for Test Riding and it is at your own risk.

Batavus Flying D

Frame Size 50cm – Suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 30″ and above. A confident rider with 29″ would be OK. But this is a big bike!

We sold this Flying D to a customer who has ridden and looked after this lovely bike, hence the excellent condition. We’ve just given it a full service and it’s ready for a new owner.

The Flying D offers a very comfortable ride with its wider tyres and upright ride. We sold many of these over the years, few come back on the market. This is a rare opportunity to purchase this model, in this excellent condition.

Features include: 7 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears, Shimano roller brakes front and rear. Front and rear battery lights, fully enlosed chain case, super comfy gel sprung saddle, rear carrier, stainless steel spokes and inner cables.

Price & Availability – Please phone us on 01903 730089

Batavus Old Dutch

Frame size 50cm – suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 30″ and above. A confident rider with a 29″ inch inside leg measurement would be OK.

Beautiful Batavus Old Dutch Bike, which originally came from our shop. In excellent condition, currently being given a full service.

Features includes: 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears, Shimano Roller brakes, front and rear battery operated lights, gel sprung comfy saddle, stainless steel rims, spokes, inner cables, rear coat guards, fully enclosed chaincase and side stand.

As Batavus no longer export their bikes to the UK, this is nearest you’ll get to buying a new one without travelling to the Netherlands

Price: Please phone us on 01903 730089 for price and to check availability.

Azor Oklahoma 3 Speed –  £399

October 2006, I rode this beautiful Azor Oklahoma Dutch bike from Land’s End to John O Groats (14 day unsupported solo ride) partly as a holiday, and also to raise money for McMillan Cancer Support. Thanks to the genoristy of our customers, staff at Arun District Council and Azor, my unsupported ride raised just under £10,000.

The bike has been lightly used since the ride. 5 years ago, we gave it a complete makeover including a repaint, new decals and a complete ‘strip-down’ service. New Coatguards and a chaincase fitted. Surprisingly fast, exceptionally comfortable and eye-catching gorgeous.

Specifications – 53cm frame size – frame size so suitable for riders of 30″ – 33″, 3 Speed Sram Hub Gears, Drum brakes, front and rear, frame lock, battery lights front and rear.

Price is £399 – exceptional value for a bike that’s been lovingly looked after, recently fully serviced, ready for its new owner.


Batavus Diva -3 Speed Dutch Bike   – £499

Stunning example of this iconic Batavus Dutch Bike – The Diva.

We took this in as a part-ex against a new ebike from a local customer who originally purchased it from us. This bike has been lovingly looked after, but sadly, little used. It’s in amazing condition. Better still, we’ve given it a full service so it all ready to be enjoyed and ridden by its new owner.

Frame Size – 50cm – suitable for riders with a minimum inside leg measurement of 29″ to 32″.

  • 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
  • Front and rear lights – Front hub dynamo light, rear battery lights.
  • Shimano Roller brakes, front and rear
  • Fully enclosed chaincase
  • Side stand
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Rear Carrier
  • Gel Sprung, super comfy saddle.
  • Axa Integral Frame lock with 2 keys.
  • Schwalbe Big Apple tyres with anti-puncture protection tyres.

£499 – No Offers, please.

Gazelle Xanta College (53cm)  £299

3 Speed, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock 

Cortina Transport 4U (57cm)  £499

3 Speed, Lock, Lights, Heavy Dutch front and rear rack (excellent, near-new condition)

Sparta Hero  (53cm)  £399

3 speed, adjustable handlebar, lights, lock, front suspension

Gazelle Fuente Pure (53cm)  £499

Stunning ride, with Deore derailleur gears make light work of distance. Great for commuting, leisure or even touring.

24 Speed Shimano Deore Derailleur, Adjustable handlebars, lock, lights


Batavus Weekend (57cm)  £499

8 Speed, adjustable handlebar, front suspension, lock, lights

Koga Miyato Balance (56cm)   £499

21 Speed Derailleur, front suspension, lock, lights

Gazelle Orange Pure (53cm)  £499

7 Speed, adjustable handlebar, lights, lock

Gazelle Orange (57cm)  £425

7 Speed. front suspension, adjustable handlebar, lights, lock

Target Nexus (51cm)  £399

7 Speed, adjustable handlebar, lights, lock

Gazelle Orange Extra (49cm)   £499

7 Speed, front suspension,  lights, lock

Gazelle J4U (49cm)   £299

3 speed, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock

RIH Sigma (49cm)   £425

7 Speed, front suspsion, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock

Batavus Lorcano (57cm)  £250

3 speed, lights, lock

Sparta Granny (53cm)  £325

3 Speed, lights, lock


SOLD  Batavus Intermezzo (48cm)  £599

8 Speed, front suspension, adjustable handlebars, lock, lights

Batavus Genova (53cm)  £399

8 Speed, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock

Montego Society (53cm)  £399

7 speed, front suspension, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock

Union Tracking (59cm)  £399

Great Distance bike, with derailleur gears – ideal for commuting or/and touring.

21 Speed Derailleur, adjustable handlebar, lights, lock

Batavus Stacatto (57cm)  £499

8 Speed, front suspension, adjustable handlebars, lock, lights

Gazelle Davos (53cm)  £450

8 Speed, front suspension, adjustable handlebar, lock, lights

Gazelle Sunshine (26″ wheels/small bike – 16″ frame)  £299

3 Speed, lights, lock, adjustable handlebars

Koga World Traveller  £899

30 Speed Touring bike by Koga

Gazelle Accent (53cm)   £499

8 Speed, adjustable handlebars, lights, lock



Questions/Check Availability - Phone 01903 730089