Bike Service and Repairs.

If you’re looking to have your bike serviced or repairs carried out, we offer a comprehensive workshop servicing at our Littlehampton shop.

We service pretty much all makes of Dutch and non-Dutch bikes as well as Ebikes with a number of regular workshop customers coming down from areas in London and beyond to have their Dutch bike serviced.

Prices for a full standard service for a non-ebike start at only £65 plus any parts that are required.

Prices for an Ebike Service start at £75 plus any parts that are required. We are an authorised BOSCH and YAMAHA Service Centre and trained in the latest Bosch and Yamaha Ebike motorised systems.

Estimates – We can usually provide you with an estimate of your bike’s servicing/repair charges at the time your drop off your bike. If exploratory work is required to determine the estimate – eg, removing wheels/components/bottom brack etc – this work is chargeable even if you don’t decide to go ahead with the work.  

BOOKING  – We do not take Workshop bookings by email. Our workshop diary is continually changing, please Telephone us on 01903 730089 so we can offer you the latest availability.

Collection & Return for bike service in our local area.

If you’re living in the area local to our shop – Littlehampton, Rustington, Arundel, Felpham, Bognor Regis, Goring-by-Sea, Chichester, Worthing and areas in between – we offer a collection and return service for bike services & repairs.

We make a small charge of £5 each way for the above areas.

We can also collect from Crawley, Horsham – Collection/return charges quoted at the time of booking.

Busy Workshop – pre-booking essential.

We’ve worked hard over the years at building up an enviable reputation for the quality of our workshop work, which means pre-booking your bike in for its annual service is essential.

You can prebook your bike by telephoning us on 01903 730089.

Puncture repairs & Minor repairs

We will always try and fit in things like puncture repairs and minor repairs, we will always try and help you with unforeseen problems and get you back on the road as quickly as we can.

Wherever possible, we try and fit these types of jobs in without pre-booking an appointment. But usually, you will have to leave the bike with us for a while why we try and sort it out for you in between other jobs.

Lost Keys of your Dutch Bike.

You can order replacement keys direct from the Lock Manufacturer online following the links below.

First of all, you will need to establish whether your bike has an AXA or a TRELOCK fitted. Batavus and most Dutch bike manufacturers fit either AXA or Trelock to their bikes.

Have a look at the key or lock itself to see whether it’s an AXA or a Trelock.

You will also need your key number to order a new replacement. The key number is etched on the key itself usually just below the plastic grip. If you haven’t got a key number and you have lost your spare key, then we may be able to help you if you purchased the bike from us as for a period we did keep a record of key numbers on bikes we sold. If you bought your bike from another dealer, you will need to contact them to see if they have kept a record of your key.

To order an AXA replacement Key follow this link:

To order a replacement key for a Trelock follow this link.

Visit our YouTube Channel

Our youtube channel covers a variety of maintenance work including how to pump the tyres on your Dutch bike, removing rear wheels, gear adjustments and so on.

One of the most common problems seem to be with pumping tyres. We have a short video here to show you how to pump the tyres on your Dutch Bike.

You can visit our channel here.

Batavus Owners Manuals

You can download Owner’s manuals which covers all the non electric pedal cycles built by Batavus. Please note that these manuals are a generic manual for all models and Batavus do not create model specific manuals.



E-Bike Manuals.

These are provided in print format with new bikes. We do not have replacements.

Sparta ION Ebike New Battery, or any Ebike Parts.

We no longer offer a service for importing Sparta ION ebike batteries.

We have stopped importing Sparta ION Batteries.

If you have a new ION battery  or Sparta ION ebike parts and you need them configured for your bike. We can do this for you, however, you will need to take bike and battery to our workshop for us to do it on a pre-agreed appointment basis. We can also service your Sparta ION.