Ebike and Bicycle Insurance.

We’re regularly asked by our customers, including workshop customers as to which insurance company they should consider.

Previously, many of our customers have simply added their ebikes/Dutch bikes onto their existing household insurance policy. Sounds like a good idea. However, a potential problem arises when and if your ebike is stolen and rather than give you a cash settlement, your insurance company simply gives you vouchers for a well-known bicycle chain, or another online provider. We’ve seen customers given a voucher by their insurance company for Halfords who don’t stock the brand of bike they’ve had stolen. Unfortunately, this way of settling bicycle/ebike insurance claims appears to be common place, which is why we recommend Yellow Jersey.

In our view,  Yellow Jersey offers an excellent choice of insurance levels for bicycles and ebicycles.

You can choose your level of cover and specific cover for those who travel outside of the UK,  tour, race, commute or just simply enjoy leisure cycling. Whatever your cycling, Yellow Jersey have a plan to cater to your needs. 

You also get a cash settlement, which allows you to buy from whom ever you please.

Please visit Yellow Jersey via the links on this page. We are part of their affiliate scheme. But do believe this company offers the best for cycle insurance. Which is why our business is insured with this insurer.