Thinking about buying a Dutch Bike?

We’ve been importing and selling Dutch bikes for over a decade now and have established an enviable reputation in the UK for our quality of service, value-for-money prices and our knowledge.

If you’re looking to buy a Dutch bike or you already own a Dutch bike and would like it serviced or repaired, we can help you.

Looking to buy a Dutch bike

We are the main UK Agents for Batavus Dutch bikes.

Batavus is one of Holland’s largest and oldest Dutch bicycle manufacturer having begun in 1906. Today, Batavus are one of the most popular Dutch brands of bicycles and it’s easy to see why. With their passion for innovation, build quality, value-for-money and wide choice of bicycles, it’s easy to see why Batavus bicycles are so popular in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They’ve also proved very popular here in the UK and over the years we’ve  had the pleasure of welcoming an ever-growing number of UK cyclists to the Batavus brand.

We are also an agent for Koga Dutch bikes. Koga are a sister company of Batavus and are world renowned as a builder of high quality touring, racing and town bicycles. The Koga factory is located in the same area as the Batavus factory, Heerenveen, Holland. Both companies are owned by Accell Nederland B.V who also own Raleigh, Sparta and a number of other European bicycle brands.

Choosing a Dutch Bike

If this is your first visit to the Dutch Bike shop website, we invite you to have a good look around at the Batavus range. If you hold your mouse/curser over the 2017 Batavus Dutch Bikes link you’ll see a number of options come up, including:

  • Traditional Dutch Bikes
  • Batavus Quip
  • 7 Speed Dutch bikes
  • 8 Speed Dutch bikes
  • 27 speed Dutch bikes
  • Personal Bikes
  • Bikes for smaller riders

Have a look through these pages where you’ll find pictures of the bicycles, key features for each model and current prices.

If you’re looking for a traditional Dutch style bike such as The Old Dutch, pictured below then you’ll find the latest colour choices and model specifications in the Traditional Dutch bikes section.

old-dutch-koper-3But don’t limit yourself to just one style of Dutch bike – have a look at the modern Dutch bikes which are featured in the 7 speed, 8 speed and 27 speed Dutch bike sections. In our experience, while many of our customers initially come wanting to buy a traditional styled bike, they can end up buying something completely different – like the Batavus Quip – which is a really neat, innovative, quirky and comfortable 3 speed Dutch bike that’s not only great fun to ride but very practical with its front and rear racks.



Buying a Dutch bike

When you’ve narrowed down your model choice, give us a call on 01903 730089 or email us at with any further questions you may. If you want to find out the latest stock availability (our stock is constantly changing), then please hand available your inside trouser leg measurement as this will be helpful in deciding on which frame size is the most suitable for you.

Visiting the Dutch Bike Shop

Obviously if you can, the best thing is to visit our shop in Littlehampton, West Sussex where you can see a number of Batavus Dutch bikes and also test ride them. Owing to the sheer size of the model range, we’re unable to keep demonstration models of all the bikes in our small store, please bear this in mind when visiting. We aim, where possible to keep the most popular bikes in the shop for you to see and try and then order in from these. We also keep stock that you can take away and buy on the day. If you’re planning to visit, buy and take away – please make sure you contact us in advance of your visit for the latest on our stock. It does change quite literally from day-to-day.

Buy a Dutch bike mail order

Many of our customers, owing to geographical distances, time constraints and so forth don’t visit the shop, instead phoning or emailing us to discuss their needs. This works very well and we’re always pleased to answer all and any of your questions.

Areas we can mail order your Dutch bike to include:

  • UK Mainland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Wight
  • Scotland

Mail order is available from only £49.99 – additional charges apply if shipping to Northern Ireland, Scottish highlands and Isle of Wight.

Your new Dutch bike will come fully assembled in a large, strong cardboard carton and will only require you to undertake a small number of relatively easy tasks, which include:

  • Reading our instructions!
  • Turning the handlebars around as they’ll be parallel with the frame for packaging purposes
  • Attaching pedals.

If your bike includes a front rack – you will have to assemble the rack and fit to the bike. This isn’t a huge job, but regrettably it’s not possible to ship the rack fully assembled with the bike owing to its size. Any problems with assembly when your bike arrives, we can talk you through it.

Paying for your Dutch bike

We take all major credit cards with the exception of Amex and Diners. We require all bikes to be paid for in full at the time of order – we can take your card details over the phone. Please note we don’t keep your credit card details on file or any paper record of your card number.


All Batavus and Koga Dutch bikes come with a manufacturer’s warranty –

  • 10 years on frame
  • 2 years on component parts excluding tyres and inner tubes
  • Warranty is only applicable to the first owner/purchaser and is not transferable.

Warranty is reliant upon you adhering to the manufacturer’s service requirements – you should have your bicycle serviced at least once yearly by your local bike shop.