Please Telephone us on 01903 730089 and we can take your order over the phone, confirming bike model, size, availability and delivery date.

You can also email us at – to check the latest availability. Please remember to include your inside leg measurements when emailing us. Frame size isn’t dependent on your height, but your inside leg measurement.

We offer a delivery service to areas listed below. This is a chargeable service and we deliver your new Dutch bike to your home using our van and staff. You get a full handover at the time of delivery and we can usually adjust your handlebars and saddle for you at the time of delivery.

Cycle to Work Scheme – If you’re thinking of purchasing one of our bikes using Cycle To Work Scheme, please visit this page for further information.

Visiting our Shop

The Dutch Bike shop is located in the lovely seaside town of Littlehampton, West Sussex. If you’re visiting the shop, we always recommend you telephone in advance to check we’re open when you’re planning to visit and to check what models we currently have in our store.

If you’re buying a bike from us, you’re welcome to come, view the bikes, order one in store and either take it away with you on the day, or if the bike is not in stock, to return when we have it in stock.

We do not – ship/courier/post bikes or bike parts to anywhere either in the UK or eslewhere in the world.

However, we can offer our own home delivery service to those living in/near/around the delivery areas listed below. This is NOT a courier/3rd party Transport Service, but one of our Staff delivering your new Dutch bike direct to your home address. Your bike will be handed over and will be pedal ready to ride.

Home Delivery Service

We can deliver to the following areas: (delivery charges apply)

  • London South – £99
  • Brighton…£79
  • Cambridge… £99
  • Oxford…£99
  • Reading….£99
  • Bournemouth….£99
  • Poole….. £99
  • Portsmouth…..£99
  • Southampton…..£99
  • Horsham….£79
  • Guildford…£79
  • Essex….. from £99
  • Ipswich….from £99
  • Norwich….. £179
  • Leicester…..£179
  • Nottingham…..£179
  • Bristol….£179

Benefits of Home Delivery Service.

  • Bike is delivered to your door, pedal ready to ride.
  • Full handover by one of the Dutch Bike Shop’s staff.
  • No packaging for you to dispose of.
  • No assembly for you to worry about.
  • You get to answers to any questions you may have about how the various features of the bike work, eg – locking systems etc.
  • If you request it, we can take a selection of locks, panniers, baskets and crates for you to see and buy when we deliver to you.
  • Exceptionally good value – Compare our delivery prices to taxi and train fares.

Telephone or email us at for a Delivery quote. Please remember to include your full post code.

Choosing the right frame size

Golden Rule when deciding on what frame size you should order – Frame Size is determined by your Leg measurements, not your height measurements. You can be relatively tall with short legs and a long body, and you can be comparatively short, with long legs. Ultimately, it’s your leg measurements that are important.

For most of our Dutch bikes, you will need a minimum inside leg measurement of of 27″. If your inside leg measurement is less than 27″, we regret that Batavus and Sparta don’t build bikes in smaller sizes. The Dutch are the tallest nation in Europe, and this is reflected in the frame size of the bikes they build.

Step-through frame Dutch bikes are usually available in sizes 48cm, 53cm, 56/7cm and larger.

The Batavus Old Dutch (traditional Dutch Bike) is only built in two sizes – 50cm or 56cm. Ideally you will need a minimum inside trouser/inseam leg measurement of 29″ and above to ride the 50cm (smallest size built) Old Dutch bike.

A minimum leg measurement of 32″ is needed to to ride the 56cm framed Old Dutch bike.

Sizes for other Dutch Bike models.

The Batavus Quip – Crossbar/gents Quip and Unisex Quips are built in sizes 50cm, 56 and 62cm.

The 50cm is suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 29″ and above. Therefore regardless of whether you opt for a crossbar or unisex Quip, you will need a minimum inside leg measurement of 29″.

The Batavus Diva Plus – Built in a 50cm – suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 29″ and above.

Smaller Framed Dutch Bikes.

Quip Extra Cargo step-through model comes in a size 49cm, which is suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 28″ (27″ at a real push..).

The Batavus Dinsdag step-through is built in a 48cm, 53cm and 57cm. The 48cm is suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement of 27″ and above.

The Batavus Dinsdag Crossbar is built in sizes 53cm, 57m, 61cm. You will need a minimum inside leg measurement of 30″ and above to ride the Dinsdag in 53cm – 32″ inside leg measurement and above to ride the 57cm and 35″ and above to ride the 61cm.

01903 730089

Call us now to discuss your requirements, if we’re not available, please leave your name, telephone number and a brief message and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.