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Please read this information prior to emailing/phoning us.

We are no longer acting as UK Distributors/Dealers for Batavus and Sparta Dutch bikes.

ACCELL, the Dutch PLC company who own the Dutch brands, Batavus, Sparta and Koga decided that they  are no longer willing/interested in supplying the UK market.

Therefore, you want a new Batavus/Sparta you will have to import yourself to the UK from a Dutch dealer.  

We are currently in negotations with other Dutch manufacturers to stock other brands, but given the current worldwide shortage of bikes and parts, it’s most likely late 2021 or early 2022 when we will see another brand in our shop.

If you have a Batavus or Sparta bike or any Dutch bike and would like it serviced/repaired, our specialist workshop can help you. Please telephone our shop on 01903 730089 and we can book it in for you. You’ll need to be able to bring your bike to us in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Alternatively, book it in with your local bike shop. There are still some amazing great bike shops left in the UK with mechanics who know what they’re doing.

Parts for your Dutch Bike

With the exception of things like chaincases (which are a pain in the backside and you’re really better off without), your Dutch bike will use standard parts, eg Shimano/Sturmey Archer gears, Schwalbe/Continental tyres etc, which can be sourced by your local bike shop. At the moment, owing to the impact on Covid-19, some parts are unavailable and there are delays in getting them back in the stock. We’re sure this situation will improve over time, but there are delays and we can’t get anything for you quicker than anyone else can.

We do not provide a Mail Order Service (with the exception of those customers who have purchased their Dutch bike from our shop) or sourcing service for Dutch bike parts. The costs of posting single items in the UK is just silly now and to import parts from the Netherlands attracts additional fees and handling charges by courier companies.

Maintenance Questions for your Dutch Bike:

Our youtube channel features a  number of how-to videos, which cover the most frequently asked questions re Dutch bike/hub gear bike maintainence questions. We hope you find these useful. However, we always recommend you take your bike to a quality local bike shop for maintenance and repairs.

Replacement Keys for your Dutch Bike Lock.

Information on how to get replacement keys for your Dutch bike lock, adjusting gears and other routine maintenance questions is provided in this section of our website.

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