7 Speed Traditional Dutch Bike.

Please note – The Old Dutch Deluxe comes with a back pedal brake/coaster brake. If you don’t like back pedal brakes, then this bike is not for you.

Price £699

Old Dutch Deluxe – 7 Speed £699

Key Features of the Old Dutch Deluxe Bike

  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
  • Back pedal/coaster brake on rear
  • Front brake – Shimano Roller brake
  • Shimano front hub dynamo lighting
  • Rear battery lighting
  • Fully enclosed chain case
  • Rear dress/coat guards
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Rear carrier
  • Traditional Leather Sprung Saddle
  • Matching leather effect handgrips
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Rear rack
  • Side stand
  • Axa frame lock
  • anit-puncture protection tyres
  • Steel frame
  • 22kgs weight

Back Pedal brake.

The Old Dutch Deluxe is by it’s nature a traditional bike – therefore it has a rear coaster brake/back pedal brake.

If you don’t like the back pedal brake, recommend you look at the Old Dutch featured below. Please note, it is not possible to supply the Old Dutch Deluxe with an alternative rear brake other than the factory fitted backpedal brake.

The Old Dutch

Price £579

Old Dutch 3 Speed Matt Black

The Batavus Old Dutch is a 3 speed traditional Dutch bike, steel frame, but with front and rear shimano roller brakes – (no back pedal brake).

Key Features of the Old Dutch

  • 3 Speeds Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • Front and rear battery powered lights
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • rear splash coat/dress guards
  • front and rear mudguards
  • integral frame lock
  • Side stand
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • stainless steel spokes
  • steel frame
  • rear carrier
  • 19kgs weight.