Latest Batavus Dutch Bike Stock availability update

Beat the forthcoming price increases, and order now.

At this time of the year, stock of Dutch bikes becomes extremely limited as enter the end of the 2017 Dutch Bike Season. The Dutch Bike season is similar to the Academic year, where September 2017 we will see the new 2018 Dutch bikes starting to come into production.

So if you’re looking to buy a Batavus Dutch bike at the moment, please be aware that as we are at the end of the season, stock is limited. That’s the bad news. Good news is that the new season begins in September with a number of our most popular models being available now to pre-order for September/October delivery.

Dutch Bike Stock availability

Update 1st August 2017 – we now have some Quips in colour black unisex frame available to order.

Writing as of 17th July 2017 – we currently have availibility for the following models:

  1. Batavus Dinsdag (ladies/step-through and gents/crossbar frames)
  2. Old Dutch Plus
  3. CNCTD for smaller people

This stock is currently at the Batavus factory in Holland and we are taking it back to the UK in fortnightly shipments. At the moment, each shipment is selling out prior to arriving with us in the UK, so if you want to order a bike, please, please be prepared to pre-order one and not expect to turn up at the shop and collect one.

I’ll shortly be putting details of the Batavus Dutch bikes will be available to pre-order for September and October delivery.

Similar to the 2017 season, I can forsee that most models will have to be pre-ordered if customers wish to get the bike they want. Batavus, similar to most Dutch manufacturers are building significantly more ebikes than non-ebikes – consequently stock of the non-ebike range is limited.

As always, at the Dutch bike shop, we will commit to pre-ordering Dutch bikes from Batavus and ensure that our valued customers get the best possible deal in terms of availability and value for money.

We currently have a special offer on Batavus Dinsdag!

Please phone us on 01903 730089 for the latest stock availability for any of the above models.

2018 Batavus Dutch Bikes available to pre-order.

We’re currently updating this section of our website and information on models that you can pre-order will shortly be featured here.