Join our Campaign to Abolish VAT on Cycle Lights


Cycle Lights are treated by the Treasury as a luxury Item.

Similar to chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks, for the purposes of VAT, bicycle lights are VAT rated asĀ  a luxury item.

With Autumn now upon us and the evenings drawing in with the clocks going back later this month, now is the time to make sure you have adequate lighting to keep you protected during these dark periods.

Bicycle lights are not only a mandatory safety item for cyclists riding during the hours of the darkness, but are also essential. Anyone who cares about their own safety while riding a bike should have a decent set of lights on their cycle. And it’s not just for riding at night. Poor visibility during the daytime can also be potentially hazardous.

You’d imagine given the nature of bicycle lights that they would be treated by the Government as being a non VAT purchase?

Wrong, successive governments have refused to recognise the benefits of cycle lights and continue to treat them as a luxury purchase.

Cycle helmets, which are non-mandatory (but in our view worth wearing and having) are Zero rated for VAT.

While bicycle lights, which are Mandatory are not.

Makes no sense.

At Coastal Cycles, we believe this is wrong and we’re taking our Campaign to Abolish VAT on Cycle Lights to Downing Street.

Please sign our E-petition here and encourage as many of your friends, family and colleagues to do likewise.

We need 100,000 signatures to get this Petition debated in Parliament.

We believe, with your help, this is achievable.

Products which are not currently subject to VAT include:

Newspapers and Magazines.

Rent on car park spaces and rent on garages.

Child Car SeatsĀ  – are subject to a reduced rating for VAT – 5%

While Child Bicycle Seats are subject to the full rate of VAT – 20%

Cyclists are in our view, being unfairly penalised as the government refuses to recognise that Bicycle Lights and Child Seats for Bicycles are both not only essential and potentially life-saving pieces of equipment, but are also Mandatory.

Please sign our Petition.

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Thank you from us all at Coastal Cycles.