Dutch Bikes Serviced and Repaired at our Dutch Bike Shop

We’ve been servicing and repairing Dutch Bikes for over ten years now.

Our Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop Workshop has built up an enviable reputation for servicing and repairing Dutch Bikes. Our workshop staff are fully trained and experienced in working on Dutch Bikes – especially hub geared bikes. So if you’re looking to have your Dutch Bike serviced, then please do give us a call.

Our Basic service starts at just £45 (labour) plus any parts that might be required.

If you’ve got any specific maintenance problems then we can give you an estimate when we see your bike.

We also specialise in Dutch Ebikes and we are equipped and trained to work on any of the ‘ION’ range of electric bikes from Sparta, Batavus or Koga Miyata.

Our workshop is usually very busy, so please do phone up and book your bike in with us wherever possible.

You’re welcome to drop off anytime you wish during our opening hours (without prior appointment), but please note it’s unlikely we can work on your bike immediately. Wherever possible, we turn around our repairs and servicing work as soon as we can and in most situations we can usually turn around most servicing work in a week.


We will provide you with an estimate prior to starting work on your bike – but to do this – We must have your Dutch Bike in front of us in our workshop. We regret that we cannot give estimates over the phone apart from indicating that our basic service is £45 (labour) plus any parts that this may require.

Basic Service includes:

  • Frames & Forks – wiped down and checked for alignment.
  • Wheels – hubs and rims checked for damage and wear.
  • Bearings – checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)
  • Tyres – tyres and sidewalls checked for wear and inflated to the correct pressures
  • Headset – checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary.
  • Bottom Bracket – checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary.
  • Bolts – checked and tightened to correct torque
  • Chain and cassette – cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated
  • Brake Cables – inspected and lubricated as required*
  • Gear Cables – inspected and lubricated as required*
  • Gears – adjusted as required
  • Brakes – checked for effective operation and adjusted.

Wheel Building

We offer a bespoke wheel building service where we can build a new wheel for your Dutch Bike.

Servicing of Hub Gears

We offer hub gear servicing (dependent on age and condition of your hub – some hubs may be beyond reasonable repair or service).


01903 730089