If you’re looking for a Dutch bicycle that’s been designed to carry children, then we have a number of options for you to choose from.

Quip Urban Iki

Great Dutch Bike for carrying children.

Batavus have teamed up with bicycle child seat specialists, Urban iKi to bring you a superb high quality bike with the benefit of being capable of taking a front and rear child seat with additional welcomed safety features including a robust centre stand and enhanced front steering lock to help reduce the risk of the falling over when parked and instances of the front handlebar rounding back on itself.

The front steering lock is enhanced over the standard steering lock supplied and fitted to the standard Quip. This clever locking mechanism is easy to use – just push the lever with your finger to lock or unlock and prevents the front handelbars rounding back on themselves when the front of the bike is loaded with your child and or, additional cargo.

A centre stand helps provide additional stability when you’re parked and removing children from their seats.

The Quip Urban iKi is an elegant bike – please note hese are stock pictures provided by Batavus and the side stand supplied is a centre stand and not side stand as shown in the above picture. Please note the crate is NOT included in the Package price.

Key features of the Urban iKi

The Quip iKi bicycle features for this model include:

  •  3 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • front and rear battery lights
  • alloy frame
  • stainless steel spokes
  • integral AXA frame lock
  • heavy duty centre stand
  • enhanced front locking mechanism
  • 700c wheel size
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • front and rear cargo racks
  • front and rear carriers
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • comfort grip along the front handle bar
  • fully enclosed chaincase

Prices and Options


This Package Includes:

  • Front Seat
  • Windscreen
  • Front handlebar grip/rest for your child to hold onto
  • Comfort fittings for straps
  • All mounting brackets and fittigs needed to fit above.

Colours – One colour as shown – black and seat colours as shown.


This Package Includes:

  • Front Seat
  • Windscreen
  • Front handlebar grip
  • Comfort fittings  for straps for front seat
  • Rear seat – mounts and fits to the reaar carrier
  • Comfort fitting for straps for rear seat
  • All mounting brackets and fittings neededto fit above package.


Weights and Ages


  • Front seats are designed to seat a child aged 9 months to 3 years.
  • Weight limits from 9 to 15kgs


  • Rear seats are for a child 9 months to 6 years
  • Weight limit 9 to 22kgs

Sparta Mother Bike

Price £899

The solution to riding a bike with a rear child seat and no carrier space to take bags/panniers and/or the stroller comes in the form of this innovative Dutch Mother Bike.

Cleverly designed by leading Dutch bike manufacturer, Sparta (a sister company to Batavus), the Amazone blends style and practical features into one seriously nice, fun, comfortable Dutch bike.

Of course, you don’t have to use it as Mother Bike, it makes for a very comfortable, practical Dutch bike and just look at all wonderful extra space on the rear carrier!

Please note, the front and rear seats are not included in the price £899 but are available to purchase as extras.

Sparta Mother Bike – £899

Key Features of this Dutch Bike

  • Designed especially to overcome the problems with carrying bags/stroller as well as carrying a rear child seat.
  • Built to take a front and rear child seat
  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
  • Front Suspension
  • Front hub dynamo lighting
  • rear battery lighting
  • front and rear shimano roller brakes
  • Centre Stand
  • Steering lock
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • stainless steel spokes
  • frame lock
  • Easy Adjust handlebar system
  • Padded front handlebars so your child travelling in a front seat won’t be gripping a cold metal handlebar
  • rear carrier and extra additional add-on cargo rack
  • Rear dress guards
  • Weight – 21kgs

Also available in Black

Sparta Mother Bike £899 (not including front and rear seats)

We can supply and fit either a rear seat or rear and front seat for these bikes and an optional windscreen.

Everything you need for transporting children by bicycle.

Phone 01903 730089 for latest availability.