Small Dutch bike

If you’re struggling to find a smaller Dutch bike, we have a very attractive Batavus Dutch bike for you to consider.

As the Dutch are the tallest nation in Europe, it follows that their bicycles are built in sizes that unfortunately are too big for some of our customers. The smallest adult framed Dutch bike built for unisex/step-through frame is 48cm, which requires the rider to have a minimum inside trouser leg measurement of 27″. Gents/crossbar bike frame sizes start at 53cm, which requires a minimum inside leg measurement of 29″.

Batavus Star 26

Price £469

A very attractive small Dutch bike which is available to order in a size 43cm frame/17inch frame. It also comes with the added benefit of 26″ wheels thus making it a really nice tidy small dutch bike ideal for those who find the mainstream range of bicycles, too big.

In the Netherlands, the Star is marketed as a children’s bike, however, it is built to the same exact standards as the adult range of bicycles in terms of specifications and quality. So if you’re a young or older adult looking for a high quality bike at a very attractive price, the Batavus Star 26 is well worth looking at.

It’s available to order in two colour choices as shown below.

Gears – it benefits from 3 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears.

Brakes – front and rear v-brakes with the added benefit of a coaster/back pedal brake. We can if you wish remove the back pedal brake at no extra cost if this is a feature you’d prefer not to have.

Lighting – Battery lights front and rear.

Key features of this small Dutch bike include:

  • 3 Speed Shimano nexus hub gears
  • front and rear rack
  • side stand
  • integral frame lock
  • 26″ wheels
  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • front and rear mudguards
  • front and rear battery lighting
  • bell
  • Lovely super low step-through frame
  • Anti-puncture protection tyres

Star in colour jeansblauw.

Star in colour jeansblauw.

Batavus Star in colour lichtblauw

Front rack

Rear carrier – strong and robus with a nice sized rear light.

Grey tyres fitted to the jeansblauw coloured Star

3 speed shifter for the hub gears and elegant, comfortable hand grips.

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