This section of our website provides information and links for you to get the most of your Batavus Dutch bike.

Our YouTube channel provides a number of videos we’ve created to show you how to undertake maintenance work on your Dutch bike.

Visit our YouTube Channel here 

Please note – we always recommend you take your Dutch  bike to your local bike shop to have it professionally looked at and any maintenance carried our correctly. If you’re living close to us our shop in Littlehampton, we’d be pleased to look at your bike for you – or you may as an ever growing number of customers are now doing, bring your Dutch bike to us from elsewhere in the country. We have serviced bikes for customers who’ve brought their bikes to us from all areas of the UK.

Batavus Dutch Bike Manuals.

When purchasing a  new Batavus Dutch bike, Batavus don’t provide a model specific User Manual, instead offering generic manuals. These manuals cover all the information required for either the city Dutch bike range and/or hybrid Dutch bike range.

You can download the Batavus bicycle manuals as PDF documents using the Links below.

city-all-round  hybrid

Lost your Dutch Bike Key?

Your Batavus or Koga bicycle will either be fitted with an AXA or TRELOCK frame lock.

If you’re bike is fitted with an AXA lock, you can order replacement keys direct from AXA locks here.

Alternatively, if your bike is fitted with a TRELOCK – you can order replacement key directly from Trelock here.

You will need your KEY NUMBER to order a replacement key. If you have your spare key, you’ll find the number etched on the key barrel. If you haven’t got your spare key and you’ve bought a bike from us at the Dutch Bike shop, please contact us and we can provide you with the key number that was supplied with your bike when you first purchased it. If you bought your Batavus or Koga Dutch bike elsewhere, neither ourselves or the manufacturers will have a record your key number. Hopefully the dealer you purchased from will have record of your key number.

Dutch Bike Service and Repairs

We’ve been servicing and repairing Dutch Bikes for over a decade now and have gained an enviable number of repeat customers as well as establishing an excellent reputation for servicing Dutch bikes.

If you’ve got a Dutch bike and you’d like us to service it, please give our main shop number a call on 01903 730089 and make a booking for us to work on your bike.

Dutch Bike Servicing Prices

Our standard service for a Dutch bike starts at only £55 plus parts.

This price is based on your bike being previously regularly serviced, or coming up to it’s first annual service. If you’re bike hasn’t been worked on for a number of years, or not at all ( as is often the case) then we can provide you with an estimate ONCE we’ve seen your bike.

Please note, we do not provide estimates for repairs or servicing without first seeing the bike in our workshop.

Hub gear problems

If you’re having problems with your hub gears, we can usually help.

We obviously need to see the bike before we can advise on repair costs, so please book your bike in for us to have a look at it.

Our workshop is open 5 days a week – we do not usually service or repair bikes at the weekends, but you’re welcome to drop your bike off with us during the weekend, ready for us to work on it during the week.

Is it just Dutch bikes you service?

No, we service all makes and types of bikes including road bikes.

We also offer a specialist wheel building service.

Call us now on 01903 730089 and get your Dutch bike serviced.

Visit our YouTube Channel here for some useful ‘how to’ videos on looking after your Dutch Bike.