Batavus Quip Dutch Bike – 7 speed version

Batavus Quip Dutch Bike

Price £829

The hugely popular Quip is now built as a 7 speed Cargo bike.

This quirky, easy-to-ride, comofrtable Dutch bike now comes with the additional benefits of 7 speed Shimano Hub Gears, an extra-long rear cargo rack, hydraulic disk brakes, centre stand and steering lock, making it a versatile cargo carrying bike.

Key Features include:

  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • Front and rear cargo racks – rear rack extra-long and with side bars
  • Front and rear Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Front and rear battery lights
  • Centre stand
  • Parking Steering lock
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • stainless steel spokes
  • anti-puncture layer tyres
  • integral frame lock
  • fully enclosed chaincase

Available in a variety of colour choices and with either a nice low step-through frame a crossbar alternative.

Available in mat black step through as above

Also in colour ‘paars’ as above.

Also available in a crossbar/gents version available in mat black

Available in black and red frame.

Price for Quip Extra Cargo £829

Call 01903 730089 for the latest availability.

Check out the Standard 3 Speed Quip here