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The Old Dutch bicycle

Price: £579

The Batavus Old Dutch bicycle is available to order for the 2018 season in three colour choices – Red, Blue and Black and two frame sizes – 50 and 56cm frame. This is a unisex frame and is not built in a crossbar version.

Please note, that all previous year’s colours are sold out.

Key features of the Batavus Old Dutch include:

  • 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub gears
  • Shimano roller brakes, front and rear
  • front and rear battery powered lights
  • Stainless steel rims – 28″ and Stainless steel spokes
  • Steel frame
  • Rear carrier
  • Integral frame AXA frame lock
  • Gel sprung saddle
  • Side stand
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Fully enclosed chain case
  • Rear splash guards
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • Leather effect handgrips matching saddle colour


Batavus Old Dutch in colour red as shown above.

Batavus Old Dutch blue as shown above.

Batavus Old Dutch in gloss black.

For the latest availabilty and to order – Please phone us on 01903 730089.

Batavus Old Dutch Plus

Price £627

The traditional Old Dutch bike is also available in a ‘Plus’ version. The Old Dutch Plus, which is a 3 speed Dutch bike comes with a number of additional benefits and features over the standard Old Dutch, which include:

  1. Front rack colour to match the bike frame.
  2. Front steering lock – prevents the front handlebar rounding back when bike is parked on it’s stand.

All other features are as per the Old Dutch standard bike.

Old Dutch Plus in colour red above.

Old Dutch Plus in gloss black above

Old Dutch Plus in Donerblauw

Old Dutch Plus black steering lock fitted to the plus models.

Phone us now for the latest stock availability on 01903 730089

Batavus Quip

Super fun and really Quirky Dutch bike – Winner of the Netherlands Bike of the Year for 2016 – The Quip comes in two frame styles – Unisex and Gents with a cross bar and each model comes with a unique  frame number built into the frame.

Price: £649

Batavus Quip Gents in colour black (matt black)

Batavus Quip Unisex in colour black (matt black)

Batavus Quip in gents colour grey

Batavus Quip Unisex Groenrose

We are sorry that we have sold out of all stock of the Quip Unisex Quip in colour black and roze above. We are now taking orders for the next factory build date which is September.

Unisex black

Key features of the Batavus Quip Dutch bicycle:

  • 3 speed Shimano Nexus gears
  • Front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • front and rear racks
  • front and rear battery lights
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • side stand
  • Axa frame lock
  • alloy frame
  • Alloy rims and stainless steel spokes
  • Anti-puncture protection tyres
  • Unique inbuilt frame number

For the latest availabilty and to order – Please phone us on 01903 730089.

7 Speed Version of the Quip is also now built.

Sparta Mojo 7V

A great, no-nonsense Dutch bike with the benefit of 7 Gears, front rack and very attractive styling.

The step-through model comes with a super-low step-through entry point.

Great as a commuter.

RRP £779Our Price £699

Key features of this bike include:

  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • Front hub dynamo lighting
  • Rear battery lights
  • Front and rear racks
  • Alloy frame
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Side stand
  • Integral lock
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • Easy adjust handlebar system

Two frame styles – step through or crossbar as below.


Batavus Dinsdag Dutch Bike

A great Dutch bike, the Batavus Dinsdag provides a super all round ride and is an ideal bike for city commuting and leisure riding. With the benefit of 7 Shimano Nexus hub gears, battery lighting and nice elegant styling, the Dinsdag is a real winner.

Price £779

Batavus Dinsdag in colour blue.

Batavus Dinsdag in matt black above.

Batavus Dinsdag in grey/blue

Batavus Dinsdag in step through in blue

Batavus Dinsdag in blue/green

Key features of the Batavus Dinsdag Dutch Bike

  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub gears
  • Shimano roller brakes front and rear
  • Front and rear battery lights
  • Fully enclosed chain case
  • rear rack
  • fully adjustable handlebar stem/system
  • side stand
  • AXA frame lock
  • front and rear mudugards
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • stainless steel spokes. alloy rims
  • alloy frame