Welcome to Batavus Dutch Bikes Range.

Batavus are Holland’s leading Dutch bicycle manufacturer since 1906.

If you’ve visited\p Holland and you’ve seen the elegant, practical Dutch bikes that everyone rides, the chances are many of the Dutch riders are riding Batavus Dutch bikes.

We’ve been importing Batavus Dutch bicycles since 2006 and we’re pleased to have be the UK main agents for Batavus bicycles.

Home Delivery service

We offer a unique, high quality home delivery service where we deliver your new Batavus Dutch bicycle direct to your home address. At the moment, we regret that we’re unable to offer this service to all parts of the UK.

Delivery is from £49 – please either phone us on 01903 730089 for a delivery quote or, email us with your delivery address.

Our smaller Dutch bike, the CNCTD can be delivered anywhere in the UK by courier as when boxed this is small enough to be shipped.

Models – choosing the right one for you.

Batavus build a range of Dutch bikes from traditional Dutch bikes, eg Old Dutch to the modern styles – Quip, Dinsdag and so on.

Gears – Hub geared bikes – choose from 3 – 7 or 8 hub gears.

If you’re looking for an 8 speed hub geared model – you should look at Dinsdag Exclusive and Wayz.

3 speed models include – Old Dutch, Quip, Personal Bike

Derailleur geared bikes – 27 gears – check out the Batavus Zonar.


Looking for traditional retro styling – Batavus Old Dutch is where it’s at. Modern styling – Dinsdag and Diva Plus. Quirky and fun – Quip – Cargo carrying – Personal Bike – looking for distance riders – Zonar with 27 gears or if you prefer Hub gears – Wayz with 8 speeds.

Wide variety of bikes are available from Batavus, impossible for us to stock display/demo bikes of each model, however where possible we do try and keep representative models of the most popular bikes.


Frame sizes vary depending on the model.

Smallest frame size available is 43cm only in the CNCTD – which you can see here. This model is ideally suited for those who struggle to find a small enough frame in the mainstream range.

Smallest frame sizes in other models is as follows:

Batavus Old Dutch – 50cm (suitable for riders with an inside leg measurement 29inches.

Batavus Dinsdag – 48cm step through frame -suitable for 27 inches and above. Gents starts at 53cm.

Quip – 50cm


3 Speed traditional Dutch bike.

old-dutch-3-gloss-blackOld Dutch Gloss Black

old-dutch-koper-3Old Dutch Koper

Key Features of the Old Dutch include:

  • Steel frame
  • 3 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
  • Front and rear battery lights
  • Front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • Stainless steel rims and spokes
  • Integral lock
  • fully enclosed chaincase
  • rear splash guards
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • side stand
  • strong rear carrier
  • Gel sprung comfy saddle with colour matching hand grips
  • Bell


Price:  £548

Phone us on 01903 730089 to place your order.


old-dutch-plus-3-zwart-matOld Dutch Plus colour Zwart (black) mat

old-dutch-plus-koper-3Old Dutch Plus colour Koper

Key Features include:

Specification of the Old Dutch Plus is as per the Old Dutch featured and listed above with the following additions:

  1. Heavy Duty front rack.
  2. Steering lock – to prevent front handlebars from rounding back on themselves when the bike is parked.


Price £599

Phone us on 01903 730089 to order.


Proved very popular in 2016, so much so we and Batavus sold out of this quirky model very early in the season.

A 3 speed, hub geared bike with the benefit of a front and rear rack, individual frame number, steering lock when parked and quirky looks delivering a super comfy ride.

Two frame styles available – unisex and traditional gents with crossbar.

quip-step-through-petrolblauw-3Unisex in petrolblauw/petrol blue

quip-zwart-unisexUnisex in Zwart/black

quip-gents-grijs-3Gents in grijs/grey

quip-gents-zwartGents in Zwart/black

Key features of the Batavus Quip include:

  • Alloy frame
  • 3 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • Shimano Nexus roller brakes, front and rear
  • Front and rear battery lights
  • Integral AXA frame lock
  • Fully enclosed chaincase
  • side stand
  • front rack
  • rear rack
  • steering lock for use when bike is parked to avoid front handlebars rounding back on themselves.
  • Gel sprung saddle Selle Royal
  • Anti-puncture protection layer tyres
  • 28/700c wheel size
  • alloy rims
  • stainless steel spokes
  • bell


Price: £649

Sizes – Unisex – 50, 56 and 62cm   – Gents – 50, 56 and 62cm

Phone us on 01903 730089 for the latest stock availability.


A super all round 7-speed Dutch bike ideal for commuting, city and town riding with the benefit of 7 Shimano Nexus hub gears and an adjustable front handlebar setting.

This year, Batavus are offering you 4 choices of model configuration:

  1. Dinsdag
  2. Dinsdag comfort
  3. Dinsdag X light
  4. Dinsdag Exclusive


Dinsdag step-through in blue

dinsdag-ladies-kersenrood-7Dinsdag step through in red

dinsdag-gents-blauw-7Dinsdag gents in blue

dinsdag-ladies-zwart-mat-7Dinsdag step-through in black

dinsdag-gents-grijs-7Dinsdag Gents in Grijs/grey

dinsdag-gents-zwart-mat-7Dinsdag Gents in Zwart/black mat

Key Features of Batavus Dinsdag include:

  • Alloy frame
  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • Shimano roller brakes front and rear
  • Battery lighting front and rear
  • Rear carrier
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • stainless steel rims and stainless steel spokes
  • all inner cables stainless steel
  • side stand
  • front and rear mudguars
  • adjustable handlebar position
  • anti-puncture protection layer tyres
  • intergral AXA lock
  • Gel sprung saddle Selle Royal
  • bell


Price £779


Batavus Dinsdag Comfort

The Dinsdag Comfort offers front suspension – fully adjustable and front hub dynamo lighting. The front lamp is cleverly designed to be part of the front suspended forks.


Dinsdag comfort step-through zwart/black mat

Gents also being built, sorry no picture available at this time.

batavus-dinsdag-comfort-gents-grijsBatavus Dinsdag Comfort gents grijs/grey

dinsdag-comfort-ladies-lichtblauw-7Batavus Dinsdag Comfort step through in blue


Price – £879


Dinsdag X Light

The Dinsdag X Light benefits from 8 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears and is lighter than the standard Dinsdag by replacing the steel forks with Carbon forks. The brakes are also V-Brakes as opposed to Shimano roller brakes which reduces weight.

dinsdag-ladies-x-light-parelmoer-8Dinsdag step through X Light White

dinsdag-x-light-gents-black-8Dinsdag X light Gents black

Price  £879



Dinsdag Exclusive

The Dinsdag Exclusive benefits from 8 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub gears, Magura Hydraulic brakes, hub dynamo lighting and easy adjust handlebar system.

batavus-dinsdag-exclusive-gentsDinsdag Exclusive Gents in Black

dinsdag-exclusive-ladiesDinsdag Exclusive ladies in black


Price: £899



A very popular Batavus Dutch bike with the benefit of 7 Shimano Nexus hub gears, front rack and elegant styling.

diva-plus-witBatavus Diva Plus colour Wit

diva-plus-grijsBatavus Diva Plus Grijs

diva-plus-zeegroen-matBatavus Diva Plus in colour Zeegroen/blue

Key Features of Batavus Plus include:

  • Alloy frame
  • 7 Speed Shimano Nexus Hub Gears
  • Front and rear Shimano Roller brakes
  • Front and rear lights
  • Centre stand
  • Front and rear strong racks
  • Front wheel steering lock for when parked
  • Integral AXA frame lock
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Anti-puncture protection tyres
  • Bell
  • Gel sprung saddle by Selle Royal
  • Front and rear muduards
  • Fully enclosed chain case
  • Extra wide tyres – great for delivering a comfortable ride.

Price: £799



A great all-round Dutch bike for those looking for a derailleur geared bike. The Zonar is similar in appearance to the Dinsdag but with Derailleur gears – 27 of them.


zonar-gents-groen-mat-27Zonar Gents in colour green

zonar-gents-in-colour-blackZonar Gents in colour black

zonar-laides-paars-mat-27Zonar Step through in colour paars/purple

zonar-step-through-zwart-mat-27Zonar Step through in colour black matt

Key Features of the Batavus Zonar include:

  • alloy frame
  • 27 shimano derailleur gears
  • front and rear V-brakes
  • front and rear battery lightslights
  • rear carrier
  • straight handlebars with adjustable system
  • 700c wheels
  • stainless steel spokes
  • Intergral AXA frame lock
  • anti-puncture protection tyres
  • rear carrier
  • bell
  • front and rear mudguards
  • side stand

Price £799



A great 8 speed Dutch bike with the benefit of an Extra low step through frame. The Wayz provides the lowest entry step-through of all our Dutch bike models.

Available as unisex Dutch bike but also with a traditional gents frame style with crossbar.

wayz-low-step-through-turqoise-8Wayz step through in blue

wayz-low-step-through-black-mat-8Wayz step through in black

wayz-gents-zwart-mat-8Wayz gents in black.

Comfort Version of The Wayz is also available to order.

wayz-comfort-step-through-turpoise-8Wayz Comfort step through in blue

wayz-comfort-step-through-in-matt-black-8Wayz Comfort step through in black

wayz-comfort-zwart-mat-8Wayz Comfort step through in black gents

Key features of the Batavus Wayz include:

  • extra low step frame entry
  • Alloy frame
  • 8 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • easy adjust handlebar system
  • fully enclosed chaincase
  • rear splash guards
  • front and rear battery lighting
  • Integral AXA frame lock
  • rear carrier
  • front and rear mudguards
  • side stand
  • Gel sprung Selle Royal saddle and matching handlebar grips

Key features of the Wayz Comfort

The Comfort version comes with the added benefits of:

  1. Front suspension
  2. Front hub dynamo lighting (Shimano)
  3. Suspension seat post

Price:  £779 – for the Wayz

Wayz Comfort – £879

Phone us on 01903 730089 for the latest stock availability.


A great, robust steel frame Dutch bike favoured by corporate and cycle renters. We’ve sold this to the Royal Air Force for use as part of their green transport policy on air force bases.

A feature of the Personal bike is having it’s own unique frame number clearly embossed on the frame. This is where the name Personal Bike comes from.

personal-bike-3-speedPersonal Bike 3 Speed

Key features of the Personal Bike include:

  • Steel frame
  • 28″/700c wheel size
  • 3 Speed Shimano Nexus hub gears
  • Shimano roller brakes front and rear
  • Front and rear lighting
  • integral frame lock
  • stainless steel spokes
  • fully enclosed chain case
  • rear splash guards
  • front and rear mudguards
  • extra strong rear carrier
  • unique frame number
  • side stand
  • gel sprung comfy saddle
  • anti-puncture protection proofed tyres
  • Choice of frame sizes – 49cm or 54cm

Price: £669

Availability: Next build date is first week in December 2016. This model sells out super fast as it’s purchased by corporate users in volume. So if you want one, be sure to place your order as soon as you can. Typically, Batavus only offer 1 or 2 build dates per season. In our experience, this bike sells out very early in the season.

Personal Bike Plus

Personal Bike is also available in a Plus version – which makes an ideal Cargo bike.

Additions/modifications on the Personal Bike Plus over the standard model include:

  • Extra long and strong rear carrier
  • Front carrier
  • Centre standard
  • Steering lock – for use when bike is parked to stop front handlebars rounding on themselves.

Only one frame size is available in the Plus – 54cm

personal-bike-plus-3-speedPrice:  £749