• Zonar standard red

    3 great Dutch Bikes for commuting

    Looking for a great Dutch Commuting bike? OK, surely every Dutch bike is a great commuting bike? Yes, of course. Give than one in every three residents in the Netherlands… More

  • Dutch Bike Shop

    Order your new Dutch Bike for Christmas

    We are still taking orders for new Batavus Dutch Bikes for Christmas deliveries. If you’re looking to treat you or your loved one to a new Batavus Dutch Bike for… More

  • Dinsdag crossbar blue

    The Batavus Dinsdag Dutch Bike new Batavus Dutch Bike for 2015

    Batavus Dinsdag Dutch Bike This is an all new Batavus 7 speed Dutch Bike model for the 2015 season. A great addition to the already superb Batavus Dutch bike range… More

  • Batavus Hommage Zwart mat

    Buy a Dutch Bike Under the Cycle To Work Scheme

    Buy your Dutch Bike under the Cycle To Work Scheme We’re delighted to announce that at the Dutch Bike Shop we are now able to accept Cycle To Work Scheme… More

  • Batavus Hommage green

    Trade your used Dutch Bike in against a new one!

    Trade in your old Dutch Bike against a brand new one! Fancy a new Batavus Dutch Bike but don’t want the hassle of selling your old Dutch Bike? The chances… More

  • Batavus Old Dutch Deluxe

    Batavus Dutch Bikes

    Batavus Dutch Bikes available for Test Rides Now!! We’ve just taken our first delivery of Batavus Dutch Bikes and these models are now available for you to come, try and… More

  • Welcome to the new Dutch Bike Shop

    What you need to know when Buying a secondhand Dutch Bike

    Thinking about buying a secondhand or used Dutch Bike? If you can’t quite manage a new Dutch bike, purchasing a secondhand Dutch bike, or used Dutch bike can make for… More

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Dutch Bike Shop to stock Koga Miyata Dutch Bikes

By Paul Power

Koga Miyata Traveller

Dutch Bike shop to stock Koga Miyata Dutch Bikes We are delighted and very excited to announce… More

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We will shortly be stocking Clarijis Dutch Bike Panniers

By Paul Power


We will shortly be stocking a range of Clarijis Dutch Bike Panniers If you’re looking for some… More

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Land’s End to John O Groats on a Dutch Bike. 1150 miles, 14 days, no punctures..

By Paul Power

Lands end to John O Groats on a Dutch Bike 1

Land’s End to John O Groat ¬†on a Dutch Bike In October 2006, I cycled from Land’s… More

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